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You want Cool? 
You want Radical? 
You want gut-twisting, brain-busting, heart-pounding Excitement?
You got it!! 












Face it. For your air show, what you want, what you need is a JET!
Nothing else will do.
Nothing else grabs the crowd like a big, fast-moving kerosene burner.
Nothing else will put your show into the big time or keep it there like a jet act.
A small or new air show needs something to draw the crowds.
A large, established air show needs something new to keep the fans coming back.  

is your answer.

    THE PLANE...

Firecat is a sleek, modern jet, an Aero Vodochody L-39C.  It is not outdated.  It is not obsolete.  It is a modern military aircraft with all the performance and reliability that implies. To this pedigree, add one of the wildest skinpaints anywhere, a great aerial act choreographed to music, and you’ve got a feature act for your show. Take a look at the photos again. Have you ever seen a more eye-catching paint scheme? Can’t you just picture the Firecat on your air show posters?!

In its former life behind the Iron Curtain, the Firecat was a light attack fighter and trainer called the L-39 Albatros. In its present life in the good ol’ US of A, it’s the Firecat , and it’s like no jet your audience has ever seen!

Firecat has two seats and close to 4000 pounds of thrust to move those seats along at near sonic speeds. It’s an imposing aircraft: 40 feet of engine, cockpit and streamlining and 31 feet of dagger tipped wings. It stands almost 16 feet tall. It is fast, maneuverable, impressive and (ahem) visible Firecat is your showplane.

The Pilot... 

Rich Perkins is a U.S. Air Force veteran, and owner of Attitude Aviation, the largest aerobatic school in the western U.S.  He is a former U-2 pilot, an internationally known air show performer, and an award winning aviator. He holds the highest aviation ratings in both the civilian and military worlds and flies everything from Cubs to Jets.  As his air show announcer likes to tell air show fans…

He has flown high, really high, low and really low, fast, faster, slow, slower and backwards.
He has flown the biggest single engine jet in the world...and the smallest.
He has flown the smallest single pilot jet in the world...and the biggest.
He has flown the only jet in the world with a tailwheel.
He has flown supersonic White Rockets, stratospheric Black Dragons and terrain hugging Hercules Heavy Haulers.
He has air dropped troops, guns and ammo---and food, supplies and life saving medicine.
He has soared on gossamer wings and coaxed a thousand square feet of fuel laden jet wings to the edge of space.
He has worked his aircraft into the “Coffin Corner” and held it there, for hours---and hours.
He has made transoceanic and transpolar intercontinental crossings in a single engine airplane, all alone, in the dark.
He has watched the shadow of the earth creep through the stratosphere.
He has watched a lunar eclipse and the aurora borealis from above 70,000 feet.
He has seen the curvature of the earth--first hand.
He has pulled G’s and rolled and looped high performance aircraft for over three decades.
he has loved it all!

For Rich, flying air shows is a way of sharing with others his love of flying and the joy of all that he has experienced in aviation.

Rich is an aerospace engineer by training, a pilot by profession and an artist by nature.  Many are surprised to learn that Rich is a published author, an accomplished photographer and a talented musician.  As one valued friend put it, "Rich is not just a creative pilot; Rich is an artist who learned to fly."

The sky is his stage, his canvas, his clean sheet of paper.  He weaves precision aerobatics with power, artistry and music to create an experience you will never forget.

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