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Attitude Aviation

Attitude Aviation is the home of Firecat.  It's the largest specialty flight school in the West, with an incredible fleet of aircraft, from Cub to Pitts to Jet.  Learn to fly. Learn to fly better. Fly a Warbird! Fly Air Combat! Fly Open Cockpit Aerobatics! Attitude is Fun Flight Central!

Ph. 925-456-2276

Classic Jets Classic Jets is the original organization of civilians who own classic ex-military jets. Good source of information on currently restored and flying military jets, including L-39's.  
L-39 Enthusiasts Established in 1999, it is intended as a venue of L-39 experiences, message board, pictures, and information.  
Aero-Contact Aero-Contact is the premier company for service, maintenance, and engineering services for all ex Soviet jets and Helicopters.  

International Council of Airshows

International Council of Airshows: Where the Air Show industry does business.  The only trade organization specializing in air shows and air show performers in the U.S. and Canada.  If you want to find out about anything about air shows and performers, this is the place.  
Air Show Schedule offers a schedule of U.S. and international airshows.  

Christie Stockstill Photography

Christie Stockstill is an outstanding professional photographer based in Austin, TX, specializing in child and motherhood photography.  Through an amazing coincidence, she is also Rich Perkins's daughter.

Stockstill Images
Adam Stockstill is an outstanding professional photographer based in Austin, TX, specializing in fashion, music and portrait photography.  Through yet another amazing coincidence Adam is married to Christie Stockstill, who is--did we mention?--Rich's daughter.



John Thow and son Dan are avid aviation photographers.  They cover lots of air shows and are contributors to a number of aviation mags, including "Airshow News" and "FlightBrief".  John is also a commercial artist and web designer.  He designs and provides the flight suit patches to the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds.  See  
Goleta Air and Space Museum Brian Lockett runs this virtual aviation museum on the web.  Lots of original photography and history.
Bernardo Malfitano is a true air show fan, and it shows in his website and his photography.  He also offers in depth reviews of the airshows he has attended.  

Mike Shreeve

Mike Shreeve is a talented photographer and an obvious air show fan.  See and World Airshow News at
Eric A. Rosen

Eric Rosen is a semi pro Photographer who started shooting air shows in 2004 and finds it a (very welcome) challenge.  Eric also shoots wildlife (with a camera), landscapes and cityscapes.