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Yes, you can fly the Firecat!  Really!

If you want to add an L-39 Additional Authorization to your certificate, we can make that happen.
If flying a high performance jet is on your Bucket List, we can fill that square for you in a very big way.
If you own or plan to buy an L-39 or anything remotely similar, you'll get the best training here.
We offer...

  • High Performance Jet Orientation Training Flights
  • Complete Flight Training for:
    - L-39 Additional Authorization (formerly Letter of Authorization)
    - Turbine Operations
    - High Altitude Endorsement
  • Complete Jet Ground School 
  • Fly and train in our L-39 or yours at your location or ours.
  • Some limitations apply.
  • Call or email for more information: 925-456-2276 or FirecatJet@gmail.com



Yeah, it's complicated.  That's why you need...

Ground School

For anyone pursuing an L-39 Additional Authorization, the L-39 Ground School is a must. 

It is essential that you study before your arrival at our training site. You may order the L-39 Dash One (Pilot Operating Handbook) by phone or email for your home study.

Our training syllabus follows U.S. Air Force training guidelines and was created by the Rich Perkins, who helped create the USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training syllabus in use today. Ground School will generally take two to three days unless you have previous jet experience. This training will include classroom instruction, aircraft tour and instruction at the aircraft and extensive over-the-shoulder cockpit checkout.  The areas of study are listed below.

Pilot & Aircraft Requirements
Aircraft, General
Fuel System
Hydraulic System
Pneumatic Systems
Electrical Systems
Flight Controls
Operating Limitations
Emergency/Abnormal Procedures
Applied Aerodynamics and Flight Characteristics
Performance Charts
Flight Planning
Local Operations
Written Test
Critique & Review



 Flight Training

If you just want to scratch that Jet Itch, there are no prerequisites.  Just call us to discuss your orientation training flight.

To qualify for an Additional Authorization you must have at least 1000 hours logged as Pilot in Command (It doesn't matter what aircraft you log it in.), and you must possess an Instrument Rating.  There are no other requirements other than the practical test (check ride.) 


The Flight Training is comprehensive and will include at least the following:

Mission Planning
Checklist Use
Preflight Inspection
Ground Operations: Start, Taxi, Run Up
Normal Takeoff, Climb, Cruise
Slow Flight, Stalls and Recoveries
Steep Turns
Lazy Eight
Aileron Roll
Unusual Attitude Recoveries
Normal and Straight In Approaches
Overhead (Military Style) Approaches
Landings (Normal, No Flap, Crosswind)
Low Approach, Go Around
Emergency Procedures, including Simulated Flameout
Instrument Procedures (As Required)
Formation (Optional)
Advanced Aerobatics (Optional)

How long does training take?  We have seen training times from 1.5 hours flight time (no kidding, one flight) to 42 hours.  Our average seems to be 5-10 for current pilots proficient in high performance aircraft.  You must demonstrate proficiency in all phases of flying the aircraft to ATP standards. Once you're ready, we will arrange for a FAA Designated Examiner to give you your check ride and request the issuance of an Additional Authorization to you in the L-39C.

At one time the Additional Authorization took the form of a Letter of Authorization (LOA) which you had to carry on your person in order to be able to operate the L-39 legally. The LOA was replaced by the "Additional Authorization." You may sometimes hear the Additional Authorization referred to as a Type Rating, or Experimental Type Rating. The proper terminology is Additional Authorization," and it will be added to your existing Pilot License as--you guessed it--an Additional Authorization.




Instructor: Rich Perkins, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
See Rich's Bio and Resume Here.  Take the time to read both, and you'll want to train with Rich.  It's that simple.