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Thrills at the speed of heat!

Incredible videos of the Firecat in action.

FIRECAT ROCKS! Rich gets fast, low, upside down and toasted (literally) in the Firecat. 

(BTW, the ultra wide angle lens makes the ground and explosions look a lot further away than they really are--kind of like, "Objects in your rear view mirror...")


THE WALL OF FIRE.  OK, so it's fun to blow things up--so long as nobody gets hurt.  The Wall of Fire at Pt. Mugu was 750 feet long and well over 100 feet high, a fiery mix of jet fuel, dynamite and Navy pyro skills.  What a rush!  First the flash, then the heat wave, then the concussion.  Wow!  There's also some footage of Firecat in the Reno Air Races.I


FIRECAT!  Business as usual.  You know--preflight inspection, strap in, taxi and...Blast Off!  Pull 8 G's.  Push minus 4 G's.  Roll it.  Loop it.  Fly straight up.  Fly straight down.  Miss the ground.  Run the canyon.  The usual ho hum high performance aerobatic jet flight.

  Yes, videos are exciting, but if you want to know what Firecat Air Shows are really about, take a look at this slideshow.  Air shows are a lot more than airplanes, smoke and noise.  Air shows are about fans, kids, newbies, sponsors, media, performers, volunteers, everybody.  Air Shows are all about the people!

Videos are designed to work with the Windows Media Player on Mac & Windows. Download Here